Samsung will be releasing their 55″ OLED TV this spring in the UK. Unlike other OLED TV promises of the past, this just might happen. This will be Samsung’s first commercial release of an OLED TV. Unlike previous small screen offerings from Sony and LG, this one will fit right into any home theater. Of course this fantastic new technology will come with a price. That price has yet to be announced but rumors have it in the $7000 US range. We’ll report on Samsung OLED TV pricing and specs as soon as they are available.


According to, both LG and Samsung plan to introduce 55″ OLED TVs in time for the Summer Olympics in London next year.

LG had originally planned to release their 55″ LG OLED TV later in 2012 but with the potential introduction of the Samsung 55″ OLED TV LG has moved their planned date ahead to compete with Samsung.

There was a previous LG OLED TV available in a 15″ screen size, but low production numbers and a high price made it a scarce item, rather like the first Sony OLED TV. However, LG has said that the 55″ model will be available in limited numbers and industry watchers expect a fairly high price for these first decent sized OLED televisions.

Samsung has so far not produced any consumer model OLED TVs and it’s interesting to see a 55″ screen size as potentially their first model released to the public. More details from both manufacturers are expected at CES 2012 in Las Vegas in January.



Good news from Samsung for those waiting for a decent size OLED TV. Samsung has signed a 6 year deal with Universal Display to use their OLED patents and supply OLED display materials.

“In a two-part structure, Samsung pays license fees for the right to dip into Universal Display’s cache of phosphorescent OLED patents and also pays the company to supply OLED materials along the way.”

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How about a 55″ Apple OLED TV for Christmas next year? According to, Apple and LG may be in talks to bring out an Apple OLED TV later next year. No other details are available but this is great news for OLED TV fans.


Samsung Mobile Display recently showed off a rollable, 0.2 mm thick OLED display. This is only a very tiny screen but it certainly gets the imagination going. Check out the very bizarre video below:

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Samsung plans to commercialize this technology by 2013 and introduce rollable OLED TVs to consumers. I’ll believe that when I see it. There have been so many OLED TV announcements over the past couple of years that it’s hard to get much enthusiasm going when almost all the announcements by all the OLED manufacturers turn out to be nothing.

There are a number of reasons for this, most notably production difficulties and current cost to consumers. With new production facilities in the works we can hope that 2011 will bring some solid achievments in terms of getting decent sized OLED TVs into stores and homes at a reasonably high price.

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