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The OLED Handbook is a must read for OLED TV and OLED technology enthusiasts. Written by OLED expert Ron Mertens, this comprehensive 100+ page guide covers a wide range of subjects including:

  • OLED technology and materials
  • How an OLED panel is produced
  • How OLEDs compare to LCD displays
  • What kind of OLED displays are available on the market today
  • Samsung’s Super AMOLED and Nokia’s Clear Black displays
  • OLED lighting technology, currently available panels and lamps (complete with technical specifications and prices)
  • The future of OLED displays and lighting and the challenges ahead

Also included in the OLED Handbook are sections on the history of OLED development,  a guide to OLED investment,  a comprehensive list of OLED companies and much more.

With 2012 looking like a key year for OLED displays now is the time to get up to speed on OLED technology. The handbook is available for instant download, just click on the image for more details. Ron Mertens is the founder of OLED-Info the top source on OLED technology with over 80,000 monthly readers. The OLED Handbook is available for instant download, just click on the image below.


OLED Handbook


Good news from Samsung for those waiting for a decent size OLED TV. Samsung has signed a 6 year deal with Universal Display to use their OLED patents and supply OLED display materials.

“In a two-part structure, Samsung pays license fees for the right to dip into Universal Display’s cache of phosphorescent OLED patents and also pays the company to supply OLED materials along the way.”

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The following interview on the future of OLED TV was provided by Erich Strasser from Check the links at the bottom of the post for the full interview..

In an interview with Barry Young the managing director of the OLED-Association we got some insider information. The big question is when we will see cost competitive OLED TV  panels which can compete to LCD and Plasma HDTVs.

Barry Young explain also the technical issues which have to be solved! In 2012 Barry sees 30 to 40 inch OLED-Television devices in 1 to 2 million volume but the price will be very high.
In 2013 and 2014 Barry Young sees 5 to 6 million AMOLED TV’s. In 2015 we will see 10 to 15 million Organic Television devices which are very competitive to LCD and Plasma devices.

LG, Sony and Samsung plan OLED-Television devices in the next few years. LG-Display plans to ramp up a 8 gen OLED production line to produce 55-inch OLED-Tv in 2011-2012.

Please check out our article and Interview:


Samsung recently exhibited a 19″ OLED TV with a panel produced by an inkjet method.  It is not full HD but has a 960 x 540 pixel panel. You can bet this will not be in stores for the holidays but it is an important step forward in OLED TV technology.

Producing larger panels efficiently and cost effectively has been a major roadblock so far in the development of consumer ready OLED TVs.  A number of companies have been working on a printing process for OLED panels but this is probably the first TV exhibited using this process.

Full story and photos at Tech-On


Toshiba recently announced that they are scrapping their initial plans to mass produce OLED panels and will now concentrate on LCD instead.

“The plan is currently frozen. We’ll review the production plan again from scratch,” Toshiba mobile display spokesman Masahiro Kume told the Nikkei business daily.

$197 million was invested in a joint venture with Panasonic in 2008 to build OLED panels for mobile displays.

How this will affect any plans for Toshiba to produce an OLED TV remains unseen.

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