Sony has introduced a number of new products at CES 2009 in Vegas. HD camcorders, internet enabled Bravia LCD TVs and more.

Visitors to the Sony booth will be able to see more Sony OLED TV prototypes on display. I’m guessing these will be thinner and even more impressive than what was shown last year.

However, no news yet on a new consumer ready OLED TV from Sony. There are predictions and rumors of a 27″ Sony XEL-2 OLED TV but that remains to be seen.

Stan Glasgow, president and COO of Sony Electronics “moved on to organic light-emitting-diode (OLED) TVs, noting that the company was the first to market with an OLED TV last year. “And we will remain the only company with an OLED TV on the market” this year, he added. He mentioned Sony would be showing off more extremely thin prototype OLED displays in the booth this week, and that Stringer will make a big announcement about OLED during his keynote.”

Could be some big news in the next few days on the next Sony OLED TV. Hopefully we’ll see some new OLED TV reviews by the weekend.

More Sony CES 2009 news at techtraderdaily

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