Sony Large Screen OLED TV by 2010 World Cup

Sony is hoping to have a large screen OLED TV ready in time for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. This is according to Patrick Avenell at

Here’s Jan Ergen, a Sony Australia product manager:

“It’s technically feasible [making large screen OLEDs], the problem is the cost of production. There’s no point making a large screen OLED that nobody can afford.

“So that’s where development needs to be put into the technology, which is happening behind the scenes, to reduce the cost of production to bring it down to an achievable level for consumers.”

Ergen was clear to point out, however, that his desire for large screen OLEDs in time for the World Cup will not be enough to make it happen. What he does know is that OLED is set to be big for Sony.

“The picture quality is stunning…It’s a big part of the future, whether or not we can see new models in the next 12 months. I just don’t know.”

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