Samsung will be releasing their 55″ OLED TV this spring in the UK. Unlike other OLED TV promises of the past, this just might happen. This will be Samsung’s first commercial release of an OLED TV. Unlike previous small screen offerings from Sony and LG, this one will fit right into any home theater. Of course this fantastic new technology will come with a price. That price has yet to be announced but rumors have it in the $7000 US range. We’ll report on Samsung OLED TV pricing and specs as soon as they are available.

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  2. Love the way this Samsung OLED TV is 55 inches in size yet 4mm thick. Specs designed to appeal to NASA engineers I guess.

  3. I think Oled Tv is one of the greatest invent for the now days technology and a great promise for all the TV manufacture companies to come up with something great for the future tv displays.

  4. Samsung has hinted that it may sell off its LCD TV making arm in order to focus on the more lucrative world of OLED TVs. The news jives nicely with Samsung’s earlier public mulling over the possibility of bringing its OLED display business, Samsung Mobile Display, in-house. Play it off, keyboard cat If you’re staring sadly at your Samsung LCD TV and wondering where it all went wrong, we’ll tell you: money. LCD TV prices have steadily fallen over the past few years thanks to a flooded market and falling demand for LCD – it means that Samsung makes a loss on each LCD TV sold. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Samsung’s LCD unit sales fell 10 per cent in 2011 due to lacklustre demand as well, so selling the entire unit off would make a lick of sense. Much more enticing is the brave new world of OLED displays. Currently the darling of the smartphone and tablet world, OLED TVs are slowly but surely infiltrating the living room. Samsung itself has a very lust-worthy 55-inch OLED TV heading to…

  5. RT rel=”nofollow” Just thinking about that gorgeous Samsung OLED TV I saw at CES. I bet you still can’t program it to start up on ruddy HDMI 2.

  6. Ignis MaxLife Gen 2 Driver IC for OLED TV

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    Samsung, Sony Try to Find Their Way in the LCD and OLED TV Markets
    The move comes in the wake of a $891 million loss in Samsung’s LCD (liquid crystal display) division and the company’s decision last year to end its LCD-production venture with Sony (NYSE:SNE). Nonetheless, some analysts think that Samsung may be …
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