OLED TV may not prevail according to speakers at the LED 2009 conference in San Diego.

LED edge-lit and LED back-lit LCD TVs will ship in ever increasing volumes.

“Keynote speaker Bruce Berkoff, chairman of the LCD TV Association, claimed that analysts are significantly underestimating the demand both for LCD TVs in general and specifically for LED-based, edge-lit, LCD TVs. Berkoff quipped, “In the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and Vista (Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and Argentina) countries, people will buy LCD TVs before they buy indoor plumbing.”

LCD TVs are becoming a commodity and LED backlighting allows manufacturers to charge a higher price.

“While the speakers shared a positive outlook on LEDs in LCD TVs, they also expressed doubts about the viability of OLED TV. Shin, Jacobs and Berkoff all believe that enhancements are coming so fast to LCD TVs that the OLED market will be stymied. Berkoff stated, “The best technologies don’t always win.”"

If you’ve followed the sagas of the Sony Beta VCR or the Canon SED TV at all, you’ll know that line is accurate.

It remains to be seen how successful OLED TV will be with increased competition from LED backlit LCD TVs.

Read the full story at: eetasia.com

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