Sony, the first manufacturer to release a consumer OLED TV, is apparently in talks with 3 different manufacturers about manufacturing OLED television panels. LG was the first reported to be in discussions with Sony, but since then, AU Optronics and recently Samsung have been mentioned as possible partners in OLED TV panel production.

While this seems confusing, especially since all three companies have been discussed as possible partners in the last few months, it’s possible that Sony is looking for the best deal on pricing and deleivery from all three companies.

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And according to LG will be launching their 55″ OLED TV in Europe later this month. The rumored $8,000 Samsung OLED TV price tag has climbed recently to $10,000. At these levels the newest OLED televisions from both LG and Samsung will be for early adopters only, or those with deep pockets. The Samsung OLED TV release date was originally scheduled for later this year may be moved up to the summer.


Oct 262011

AUO has announced that they will display a full HD 32″ OLED TV prototype at FPD International 2011 at the Pacifico in Yokohama starting today until Friday October 28.  No other specs or information on possible production dates are available.

“AUO will spotlight on 3D displays including high resolution patterned retarder 3D LCD for TV and glasses-free 3D LCD featuring and face tracking. For public information display, super narrow bezel LCD and large-sized transparent LCD displays will be showcased. At the multi-touch section AUO will bring the One Glass Solution (OGS) touch panels for tablet & monitor applications. The company will also show its latest technologies in flexible E-paper display, flexible AMOLED and transparent AMOLED. ”

The AUO OLED TV is only 3mm thick and uses a metal oxide TFT as a backplane. Thanks to


more info on FPD 2011

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